Consulting and research

    From home electronics to large commercial projects, and all things technical, we will help you come to a cohesive solution. We can go over proposals or finished products from other companies and give you an unbiased third party opinion. We can also help if you want to do something yourself but need some outlines and guidance in the right direction. Area's of expertise include: All things computer, web sites, marketing, small business development, graphic and print design, photography, networking (tech. or social), internet, e-commerce, and if we are not able to draw from our own experience, our research service can fill in any blanks.

The World Wide Web makes available the largest wealth of information humankind has ever had at its fingertips. Mendocino Web Design can tap this resource and bring you the benefits of the information age. By using multiple windows, search engines and directories we can quickly and thoroughly retrieve answers and solutions to your queries, and return the results as either written or digital data. Our research is based on the web but not limited to. The depth of a research project is decided by your needs and wants.

There has never before been a more powerful tool at your disposal.